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Cot Electrosudabil 90°


Cot Electrosudabil 90° cu talpa si tranzitie PE-HD/GGG

90° Elbow with base unit and HD-PE/GGG adapter for connection of BAIO® spigot hydrant

For jointing of hydrant with spigot according to BAIO system as alternative to flange connection. Compact fitting manufactured from FRIALEN 90° elbow with base (see WF 90°) and BAIO coupler made from ductile cast iron including sealing ring. BAIO coupler anchored in PE moulded part. Cannot be released or rotated. Please observe specific processing instructions for „BAIO“ system. For below floor hydrants the safety device against dirt and distortion for BAIO spigots is required.

PE 100 SDR 11

Maximum working pressure 16 bar (water)

SKU d/DN d1 BX PU L1 lp t t1 B Z H1 H2 L2 H Weight kg
616150 110/80 63 3 12 346 151 81 75 200 220 142 127 260 418 8,200

For measurements of Elbow 90° with WF 90° pedestal see data sheet No. 47

FRIALEN-Safety Fittings can be fused to pipes of SDR stages 11 to 17.6

Areas of Application

The FRIALEN-Elbow WFGB with base and adapter HD-PE/GGG allow for connection with axial force to hydrant with cast spigot of the Baio (WFGB) system.

Connecting the hydrant takes place by screwing the spigot hydrant (Baio/WFGB*) in, until it locks into position.

The safety device for protecting the Baio connection from dirt and distortion when activating the hydrant is not included in the delivery schedule.

Assembly Instructions

Please refer to the FRIALEN-assembly instructions (“Assembly Instructions” for FRIALEN-safety fittings for service and distribution lines up to d 225) for required preparation of the fusion process for the side of the elbow with HD-PE pipe and the main pipeline (mark insertion depth, remove oxidic layer, clean, etc.).

* Mounting the cast spigot is done according to the assembly instructions by the manufacturer of the system used.

– We reserve the rights to make technical changes –

Good reasons for choosing the FRIALEN-Elbow 90° WFGB with base and adapter:

  • Large PE coupler depth for excellent guidance of pipes and moulded parts
  • Small annular gap resulting in optimum joining pressure in the fusion zone
  • Extra wide fusion zone
  • Cold zone at the front and in the centre of the coupler
  • Exposed heating coil for optimum heat transfer to the pipe
  • Additional barcode for tracing back the underground fitting (Traceability-Coding)

Advantages of the cast connection

  • Locking of the cast spigot longitudinally strong, without flange – and with the option for it to be undone again
  • No flange bolted connections which tend to corrode and are complicated to mount
  • Simple hydrant connection – easily to install
  • Stable position of spigot hydrant on FRIALEN-Elbow 90°