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Tranzitii FRIALEN


Tranzitie universala PE-HD/Alama cu piulita libera cu filet interior

Universal adapter HD-PE/Brass with travelling nut and female thread
Transition adapter, brass end permanently anchored in HD-PE, with traveling nut for a simple and fast assembling on a fixed male pipe thread.

For use in Water area. PE pipe spigot SDR11. Length of the spigot not suitable for FRIALONG couplers.

Other thread dimensions on reques

PE 100 SDR 11

Maximum working pressure 16 bar (water)

SKU d Rp BX PU L t B SW Weight kg
616654 25 3/4″ 60 2160 110 44 15 30 0,160
616655 32 1″ 30 1080 120 47 15 36 0,330
616626 40 1 1/4″ 20 720 145 56 22 50 0,520
616627 50 1 1/2″ 16 576 150 57 22 58 0,650
616629 63 1 1/2″ 9 324 160 63 22 58 0,740
616628 63 2″ 9 324 170 63 26 67 0,920

Please observe the marking directly at the product, which is mandatory.

The brass-female thread is made from material CW612N or CW617N.

Other brass materials on request.

Areas of Application

The FRIALEN Universal Adapter UAM ET with travelling nut serves to connect metal construction parts which have a screwed connection e.g. valves with an HD-PE connection pipe. The travelling nut admits the replacement of exchangeable components, like water meter. Suitable for water supply or for industrial applications. The version with PE spigot end allows for assembly regardless of location and the homogenous fusion connection with all suitable FRIALEN fittings (exception of FRIALONG-Long couplers).

The threaded joint is according ISO 228.

Assembly Instructions

Usually the screw connection needs to be assembled first as assembly related torsion forces should not bear down on the connected PE pipe. The tightening forces must be introduced via the specially designed wrench area on the travelling nut.

The fusion of the PE spigot end with a FRIALEN coupler takes place by using FRIALEN fusion process – leakproof and longitudinally strong.

The installation is according to the general installation instruction (see ”Transition Fittings with threaded connection” in ”Assembly Instructions” for ”FRIALEN-Safety Fittings for house connections and distribution pipes up to d 225”). This involves removing the oxide layer and cleaning the pipe ends.

Good reasons for using the FRIALEN-Universal Adapter UAM ET:

  • PE 100 spigot end – quality controlled
  • Tested and quality controlled brass quality
  • Assembly regardless of location, high degree of flexibility due to separate fusion of PE spigot end
  • May be used with all FRIALEN fittings of identical dimensions (exception of FRIALONG-Long couplers)
  • Universal combination option with the FRIALEN range
  • HD-PE side with spigot end for processing without holding device, designed for FRIALEN couplers
  • Pull-proof connection
  • Brass side tightly connected with PE spigot end, safe from distortion
  • Travelling nut for a comfortable installation to the brass external thread
  • Replacement of screw thread-components without further adaptations
  • Compact construction
  • Additional barcode for tracing back the fitting (Traceability-Coding).
  • Oxidic layer may be removed from PE spigot end using scraper tools