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Sa de bransament Electrosudabila


Sa de bransament Electrosudabila pentru sisteme de irigatie

Valve Tapping Saddles for irrigation systems, female thread for adaption to PVC-U fittings
Compact saddle fitting with threated outlet for the jointing of irrigation systems for green fields, e.g. playing fields or golf courses. HD-PE saddle with exposed heating element for optimal heat transfer. Integrated threaded brass sleeve for safe adaption of PVC-ACME fittings.

Areas of Application

The FRIALEN Valve Tapping Saddles VAM P are sustainable solutions for pools, irrigation systems, sport facilities, golf courses and private networks.

Assembly Instructions

The fusion of FRIALEN Valve Tapping Saddle VAM P to the HD-PE main takes place by FRIALEN fusing – leakproof and longitudinally strong.

The pipe and the saddle are prepared (oxide layer removal/cleaning) in accordance with the general installation instructions (see „Assembly Instructions“ for FRIALEN Safety Fittings for house connections and distribution pipes up to d 225).

After tapping the HD-PE main, a water connection, e.g. a swing joint for irrigation systems, can be screwed in the outlet of the Valve Tapping Saddle VAM P.

Good reasons for using the FRIALEN Valve Tapping

Saddles VAM P:

  • Compact design
  • Exposed heating element for optimal heat transfer
  • Extra wide fusion zone
  • Thread tightly connected in the HD-PE material, safe from distortion
  • Suitable for screwed connections e.g. swing joint of all common manufacturer of irrigation systems
  • Additional barcode for traceability (traceability coding)

More benefits of ACME threads

  • ACME threads do not require Teflon tape
  • ACME threads offer great flexibility since the o-ring seal is independent of the tightening
  • ACME threads have less risk of frost damages because the threads allow for movement in freezing conditions
  • The ACME thread is designed to leak before disengaging if it is accidentally unscrewed under pressure. This safety feature warns the operator to turn off the water pressure before continuing