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Fusion units


Universal fusion unit with traceability and documentation function

Powerful electrofusion unit with state-of-the-art converter technology and active cooling.

Graphical maxi display for very easy operator guidance. Documentation of fusion and traceability data. Memory space for up to 1,000 fusion logs. Output via USB interface as CSV- or PDF-file or in FRIATRACE database format.

Supervisor pass for the individual setting of unit functions (e.g. locking of functions, defaults for forced processes etc.).

With reader wand or optional with mini-scanner for barcode reading, adapter bag, entry of GPS coordinates, entry of info texts via barcode, language selection, adjustable buzzer volume, manual emergency entry. Extra-long power cable (4 m) and extra-long fusion cable (5 m). Weight approx 12,8 kg. The tool is delivered in a transport box.